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Flying Freehold and Share Transfer Blocks

We offer property management of houses, Blocks of Apartments in Co-ownership and of Share Transfer Properties. 



1. Communication

2. Site inspection

3. Maintenance management

4. Financial management

5. Facilities management

6. Compliance management

7. Licences and consents

8. Insurance services

9. Professional conduct and protection

1. Communication

Provide relevant, timely information.

Attend meetings throughout the year which might include-

Shareholders’ meetings – To keep the shareholders abreast of the management of the Company, its financial state and answer any points that are raised.
Company meetings – AGM for the appointment of Company Secretary and comply with statutory requirements and to vote on pertinent matters.
Paul Ellison and Company can assist and support the Company Secretary
Keep copies of key documents.

2. Site Inspections

Conduct site inspections on a regular basis at varying times of the day. As well as a site inspection, the visit can be used to meet with residents to discuss issues

 Report on the following-

 Wants of repair identified. 

Points raised by residents.
Points raised by shareholders.
Recommendations, if any, for site improvements.
Breaches identified.

3. Maintenance Management

This can include-

Obtaining of quotations for contract and repair works of maximum sum up to £3000 per item
Provision of specifications for 'day to day' contract works
Organising of repairs
Procurement of Health and Safety, and Fire Safety, Inspections

We will ensure work is carried out to an appropriate standard, regularly and with the minimum of fuss, and in a cost effective manner. Our service includes

 Obtaining value for money

Agreeing the frequency and specification of works with shareholders prior to the appointment of contractors. Cost and nature of work is to relate to Service Charge Budget.
Vet and appoint contractors
Obtaining quotations for all repairs for shareholders’ approval subject to an agreed limit as instructed.

4. Financial Management

This to include-

Preparing a detailed Annual Service Charge Budget which will then be put to the AGM for approval.
Day to day administration of the company bank accounts. Where appropriate, funds will be placed on deposit to maximise the return to the Company.
Preparation of Annual statement of Accounts for year end 31st December each year.
Income and Expenditure Report detailing monies received and expended against budget.
Service Charge Report detailing monies due received and owed by unit.
Management of sinking fund
Ensure owner’s contribution to service charge is collected and expenses are paid.

5. Facilities Management

Advice can be provided on service and maintenance requirements, having regard to preferred response times and costs implications.

 6. Compliance Management

Inevitably there may be occasions when residents fall into breach of their obligations. These breaches can often be difficult to resolve particularly where units have been let out.

Breaches may take the form of washing hung on balconies, parking in unallocated spaces, Estate Agents’ boards, and music being played after a certain hour or nuisance.

Services can include the following:

Identify and log breaches during site inspections.
Investigate reported breaches using appropriate channels.
Advice residents of breaches, report to the freeholders or shareholders and monitor the situation.
Take appropriate action to address nuisance via appropriate channels and inform residents of the action they can take.

In addition:

· Complete annual rates return

· Liaise with Company Secretary and assist in annual Company registration

 7. Licences and consents

This to include:

Structural and other Alterations
Access to adjoining properties, say for maintenance purposes
Party Wall matters
Drainage Licences
Way leaves

As and when share transfers of interests are completed-

8. Assist with pre-contract enquiries

Provide Service Charge Statements for the relevant unit.
Liaise with lawyers when applicable.
Issue of share certificates via appointed Company Secretary.

9. Insurance Services

This might include obtaining via Insurance brokers competitive quotation for

Building and plant Insurance
Public Liability Insurance
Officers Liability Insurance
Engineering and Inspections Insurance

In addition services can include-

10 Buildings Insurance Valuations

Implementation and progression of insurance claims
Procurement of quotations for reinstatement works
Monitor claims and repairs in conjunction with loss adjusters

11. Professional conduct and protection

ND Property Management Limited operates to the standards of best practice operated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and adheres to the principles of best practice. Details of the professional indemnity insurance of ND Property Management are available on request are available on request.

12. Project Management

From time to time it may be necessary to undertake works over and above usual 'day-to-day' maintenance requirements (Above £3000), for instance perhaps in connection with periodic internal and/or external redecoration, or overhaul/replacement of the roof.

ND Property Management Limited can ensure that any and all works undertaken is carried out with the minimum of disruption to residents and that projects come in on time, as per specification, and ensuring delivery of value for money. Project management service is outside the property management service and any fee would depend on the nature and quantum of the work required.

Services offered in relation to project management can include

Specification of redecoration/repair works 

Obtaining quotations
Supervision of works

Please contact  Jo Dodsley, Managing Director, or Julie Shingles, Senior Property Manager, on 01534 629100 to discuss the services we can offer and to set up a meeting with one our team.

Original Document: 2014

Amendment: 30 June 2021.