Saviours Place Newsletter

Saviour's Place Newsletter - 25-03-2020

Following on from our message last week we would like to provide you with an update.   We will endeavour to carry on business with our clients as normally and efficiently as possible given the current situation. 

 Cleaning company

The cleaning company has commenced daily cleaning (7 days).  We are advised they are using sanitising cleaner to clean touch points, door entry hand plates, hand rails, lift buttons within each building, as appropriate. 

This is a preventative measure to try and help prevent the spread of the virus.  Each and every one of you should take your own measures as well.


Should you be self-isolating, please:-

  1. place a note on your front door which details the dates (start date and finish date) that you will be in self-isolation.  This will help to communicate that you do not wish to be disturbed until the self-isolation period is over.
  2. do not visit your post box during this period (either arrange for your mail to be collected or wait until the self-isolation period is over).
  3. do not visit the bin room during this period - any refuse will need to be double bagged and left outside your door (please make arrangements for this to be taken to the bin room).
  4. arrange for any parcel deliveries to be made direct to your front door or redirected to an alternative address.
  5. note that service providers will not be able to attend your Apartment until self-isolation ceases.


Social Distancing

In the interests of all,  it is essential that you follow the guidelines maintain social distancing etc. -

 Consideration for neighbours  

In these challenging times please be mindful that with so many people now at home, consideration and tolerance will required all round.  

Where possible please offer help your neighbours particularly the elderly, vulnerable and persons in self-isolation.

 Delays in services

This is a fast-moving situation and there may be delays in services being provided or short notice cancellations which will be out of our control.


We will continue to provide updates as and when we can, in the meantime, as always please consider individual welfare and take time to look out for each other.


Please ensure that this message is passed on to all relevant personnel including managing agents, tenants, visitors etc.