College Gardens

Process for applying for a Pet at College Gardens

The relevant sections in the Estate Contract regulations are as follows:

 6. No Property Owner shall be permitted to keep any pets on or in any part of a Property in the Estate without the prior written consent of the Estate Manager, which consent will not be unreasonably withheld in the case of a reasonable number of small/medium sized common domestic pets kept in the private interior parts of a Property in the Estate. Where such consent is granted such pets must always be properly controlled, supervised and cared for but in the event of any failure by a Property Owner so to do or in the case where any pet is deemed to have caused any nuisance (by noise or otherwise) the consent of the Estate Manager may be revoked by notice to that effect and the Property Owner concerned shall be obliged to forthwith and permanently remove the pet from the Estate.

 7. No pet duly authorised by the Estate Manager in accordance with the preceding clause shall ever be left unaccompanied and permitted to roam on any external parts of the Estate (including for the avoidance of doubt any terraces, balconies or gardens established or to be established as part of a Property in the Estate) and all dogs permitted or brought onto any part of the Estate (including those of any Visitor) must always be kept on a lead when not kept securely within the interior of any apartment or vehicle.

 In order to consider an application for a dog, the following information is required:-

  1. Will your dog be left unattended in the apartment during the day or at any time?
  2. Will you be in a position to ensure your dog is regularly exercised to avoid barking within the apartment.
  3. How old is your dog?
  4. Does your dog currently reside in an apartment in a multi occupied building? Can confirmation be provided from neighbours that there has been no issue with nuisance including noise?
  5. Will your dog be kept on a lead at all times within the curtilage of College Gardens?
  6. The lawn to College Gardens is not to be used by any dog?